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2019 Maritime Transport Sector Dialogue Key Takeouts

The recent 2019 South African Maritime Transport Sector Dialogue that took place in Durban on 28 February sought to promote a more robust relationship between the private sector and government as it pertains to the challenges and opportunities that underpin the possibility of transformation in this all-important sector.

The event was well-attended by stakeholders from organised labour, the business community, and the shipping industry, who took a good hard look at the Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy (CMTP), which has been drafted to provide strategic guidance with regard to transformation, job creation and the stimulation of economic development. Other focus areas included government’s strategic objectives for maritime transport; navigational safety along our coastlines; the upgrading of port infrastructure to boost development; transformation and female empowerment; as well as the mining charter and its link with the maritime sector.

Minister of Transport of South Africa, Dr Blade Nzimande noted that the country moves more than a million tonnes of liquid fuel along the coastline, and that a new fleet of gas and oil vessels could hold a lot of potential, if coupled with mandates that would incentivise the mining and energy sectors to use SA ships for the movement of a given percentage of coal, iron ore, manganese, chrome, and other materials.

He once again highlighted that the country’s oceans economy strategy, Operation Phakisa, has indicated that our oceans could potentially create 1 million+ jobs by 2033 and contribute up to R170 billion in GDP if managed efficiently. If the 47 initiatives that have been identified are implemented as expected, an additional R20 million will be generated per annum and 22 000 new jobs will be created in 2019 alone.

The maritime sector can also look forward to a strong focus on education, training and skills development that will be rolled out in collaboration with the department of higher education and training. For more information, listen to Dr Blade Nzimande’s full speech here.

There you have it – a summary of some of the key takeouts of the 2019 South African Maritime Transport Sector Dialogue that took place in Durban on 28 February 2019. The Link Ship Chandlers team is always on the lookout for fresh news and information on freighting challenges around the world. Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months for more shipping-related news and expert insight into running a smooth logistics operation from start to finish.

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