Cape Town Ship Chandlers

Link Ship Chandlers is an experienced Maritime and Offshore Procurement Company based in South Africa that specialises in the procurement of provisions, equipment and parts to vessels bound to and from Cape Town, Durban and Richards Bay. If you’re looking at, for example, your Store Managers or Chief Engineer’s lists, Link Ship Chandlers, based in South Africa, prides itself as one of the top Maritime and Offshore Procurement Companies. Enquire today and experience Cruise Liner & Shipping Logistics, Clearing & Forwarding, or Imports & Exports supply-chains that’ll fulfil every maritime need.

7 Reasons to Choose Link as Your Ship Suppliers

24/7 accessibility

Fast, efficient and reliable

Proven track record

Supplies only the best products

Priced right

Proven expertise as an offshore procurement company

Able to source what you need

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Looking to re-supply your vessel? We know getting it right first time and on time is critical to you!

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