Full Service Ship Chandlers in South Africa

Link Ship Chandlers is a supplier of provisions, equipment and parts to vessels bound for South African ports. Next time you’re sourcing the supplies on your Store Manager or Chief Engineer lists, look no further than South Africa’s expert Maritime and Offshore Gas and Oil Rig Procurement Company, Link Ship Chandlers, with local availability in Cape Town, Saldanha, Port Elizabeth, Coega, Durban and Richards Bay. Enquire today and experience Cruise Liner & Shipping Logistics, Clearing & Forwarding, or Import & Export supply-chains that’ll fulfil every need.

7 Reasons to Choose Link as Your Ship Suppliers

24/7 accessibility

Fast, efficient and reliable

Proven track record

Supplies only the best products

Priced right

Experts at matching product specs

Able to source what is needed

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Looking to re-supply your vessel? We know getting it right first time and on time is critical to you!

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