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Why We Need Supply Chain Risk Management

Posted by on 17 Nov 2020 under Ship Chandling

Container Ship

The Need For A Supply Chain Risk Management Plan Explained

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has impacted most sectors across the world and ship chandling is no exception. Indeed, the coronavirus helped identify many vulnerabilities and weaknesses but supply chain risk management goes beyond that.

Ship suppliers face challenges every day from shipping delays and theft to natural disasters, changing consumer trends and even cybersecurity. Successfully navigating the world of maritime service is challenging but having a sound supply chain strategy in place can help tremendously.

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How We Ensure Supply Chain Transparency

Posted by on 09 Oct 2020 under Advice from Ship Chandlers, Ship Chandling

Shipping Dock

Supply Chain Transparency Discussed

p>During these challenging times, in particular, there is an increasing demand for supply chain transparency, resiliency and sustainability. Companies need to understand what that all means and where to invest so they can ensure their supply chain checks all the essential boxes.
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5 Personal Safety Musts Aboard Ship

Posted by on 05 Aug 2020 under Advice from Ship Chandlers, Ship Chandling

Orange Lifesavers

Important Safety Musts On A Ship

Link Ship Chandlers operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and consistently provides exceptional chandlery services to customers in Cape Town and at other South African ports on demand. As such, the safety of the crew members aboard the ships we supply is always top of mind for our team, as we work tirelessly to supply provisions, equipment and parts to vessels bound for South African ports from all around the globe.

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Dry Cargo Ships Explained: Short Sea Vessels

Posted by on 11 May 2020 under Maritime Facts and Stories, Ship Chandling

Short Sea Vessels

Part 3: Short Sea Vessels

Being in the business of servicing all of South Africa’s major ports as part of a respected full-service maritime and offshore procurement company, the Link Ship Chandlers team takes great pride in being masters of our craft. We live and breathe shipping, so when it comes to topics like dry cargo ships, we have plenty to share. To make things a little simple for newbies on the shipping front, we’re discussing each type of dry cargo ship individually over the course of a series of blogs.

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Exciting AI Shipping Trends for 2020

Posted by on 10 Apr 2020 under Marine News, Ship Chandling

Cargo Ship

AI Is Changing The Shipping Industry

From our locations at all the major ports in South Africa, the Link Ship Chandlers team has a front-row seat to see the future of the shipping trade as it docks at our sought-after harbours. In fact, this is one of our favourite parts of being a full-service maritime and offshore procurement company in this vibrant industry! To get you as excited as we are about the extraordinary innovations in this industry as we are, we thought we’d share a few of the most inspiring AI shipping trends for 2020.

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5 Interesting Facts About Saldanha Bay Port

Posted by on 28 Feb 2020 under Ship Chandling

Saldanha Bay Port
Saldanha Bay Port

Saldanha Bay Port

At Link Ship Chandlers, we count ourselves lucky that we have the great fortune of providing chandling services for local and international vessels that stop over at the Saldanha Bay port along the west coast of South Africa. It is a wonderful harbour that offers excellent anchorage and has become renowned with shipping owners and operators around the globe as a preferred port of call due to the quality of the support services available, the wonderful weather, and more.

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The Magic of The Dolos & The Tetrapod

Posted by on 20 Dec 2019 under Maritime Facts and Stories, Ship Chandling


What Are These And Why Are They Important?

Just when you think you have the hang of the intricate lingo at the heart of the maritime industry, along comes something like the ‘dolos’ and the ‘tetrapod’. If you only have a passing knowledge of the shipping trade, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these terms describe particularly strange sea creatures, but in fact, it refers to rather complex concrete engineering structures that are designed to protect coastal spaces from erosion by reinforcing seawalls and breakwaters around harbours, etc.

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Maritime Growth to Benefit African Economies

Posted by on 01 Dec 2019 under Marine News, Ship Chandling

Shipping Containers

African Economies To Be Benefited In 2020

At Link Ship Chandlers, we love sharing some good news stories, which is why we are beyond excited to report that growth in the maritime industry is said to hold major growth opportunities for at least five African economies in 2020 and beyond. Here is a look at the countries that stand to benefit most from increased maritime trade and business growth along African shores, and why they are so well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that will be coming their way.

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Shipping 101: How Do Inflatable Boats Work?

Posted by on 03 Nov 2019 under Maritime Facts and Stories, Ship Chandling

Inflatable Boats

Inflatable Boats: All You Need To Know

At Link Ship Chandlers, we believe in the value of getting to grips with the basics of any industry before attempting to master it, which is why we will be sharing a range of Shipping 101 info guides here over the course of the next few months. Today we start with inflatable boats, how they work, a few of the most prevalent types and what they are used for.

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5 Amazing Facts About Historic Ship Design

Posted by on 26 Oct 2019 under Maritime Facts and Stories, Ship Chandling

Ship Design

Ship Design: 5 Incredible Facts

Man has been fascinated by the notion of crossing the ocean since the dawn of time. It was the first frontier our ancestors had to brave in order to explore beyond the shores of their own continents. As such, shipping design is a discipline that has developed in close accordance with major events throughout the ages. Here are a few amazing facts about historic ship design that will give you a new appreciation for the modern vessels that traverse our oceans today:

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