What Makes Link Different

When it comes to selecting a ships chandler to support your business at port in South Africa, it can be like choosing the right supplier, vendor and accountant all rolled into one. It is an important decision that paves the way for a trusted business partnership down the line. The business you choose to assist in this regard should be able to facilitate cost-effective supply chain optimisation, as well as timely and consistent marine- and rig resupply services. Link Ship Chandlers offers expert chandling support in Cape Town, Saldanha, Port Elizabeth, Coega, Durban and Richards Bay. The relationships we build with our valued clientele are based on quality service, punctual delivery, affordable pricing and mutual respect.


7 Reasons to Choose Link as Your Ship Suppliers

  1. 24×7 accessibility
    Link operates and is contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and consistently provides exceptional chandlery services to customers in Cape Town and other South African ports on demand.
  2. Fast, efficient and reliable
    As a company that strives towards the highest possible service standards at all times, Link continuously saves clients time and prevents costly delays thanks to the service levels that they provide. This allows for fast turnaround times, which in turn helps to ensure that time spent in port is at a minimum.
  3. Proven track record
    As an established full-service, with availability in Cape Town, Saldanha, Port Elizabeth, Coega, Durban and Richards Bay, Link provides a full range of marine products and supplies. The extensive inventory that is available includes some of the most commonly used items, along with many specialty items requested by the marine and rig industries. If however there is an item that is not currently stocked by Link, they have the experience and ability to source, order and deliver it quickly and with the least amount of fuss for the client.
  4. Supplies only the best products
    Link Ship Chandlers ability to constantly innovate at every level has seen them contribute to the success of many renowned cruise lines, rig companies and cargo fleets. This innovation is based not just on good staff, but also on the ability to source and provide the best possible supplies and products for the job.
  5. Priced right
    The formidable purchasing power and local marine industry contacts available to Link have helped to create an efficient order handling and product sourcing system. This has not only ensured Link’s long term success, but has also allowed them to become one of the most cost effective solutions for Maritime and Offshore Gas and Oil Rig Procurement.
  6. Experts at matching product specs
    The highly trained and experienced staff at Link have extensive knowledge of the maritime industry and are capable of matching locally available products and items to even the most demanding specifications. This includes Safety Products, Security Products, Maintenance Supplies, Deck Stores, Engine Stores, Consumables and many other items. Of course, the use of ISSA catalog numbers always simplifies the ordering process and we encourage all our clients to use it, but if it’s not a listed product, the Link Ship Chandlers team will still be able to assist.
  7. Able to source what is needed
    Link understands that a high level of service and prompt response times are required to fill and deliver customer orders. To do this they are able to source what is needed, when it is needed, no matter what the item may be.

Adaptability is Link Ship Chandlers greatest asset in an industry that is always on the move. The constant evolution of the Maritime, Offshore Gas and Oil Rig Procurement industry demands the best and Link can provide this. To find out more about how Link can help you, please contact us.