Reliable & Efficient Saldanha Chandlers With A Proven Track Record

Saldanha Ship Chandlers Who Know The Ropes

As proud Saldanha ship chandlers, Link has built a proven track record for providing reputable supply services to vessels pulling into Saldanha port from all around the globe. The recent addition of OPL services comes with added responsibility and Link Ship Chandlers has invested heavily to ensure the team is ready to deliver the OPL provisions, supplies and bond store goods courtesy of the roaming barge facility. Link has the know-how to make your resupply experience at this South African port 100% efficient and hassle-free.

Located along the western coast of South Africa, approximately 60 nautical miles from Cape Town, Saldanha is the largest and deepest natural port in the Southern Hemisphere – capable of accommodating vessels with a draft of up to 21.5 meters. Today it is mainly a bulk- and breakbulk vessel port, with a big focus on the loading of iron ore. Link Ship Chandlers provide seamless service to all vessels that use it as a resupply point along their journey.

DID YOU KNOW? Saldanha Bay also offers shelter to vessels without them having to drop anchor.

Why Choose Our Saldanha Ship Chandlers Services?

Our Saldanha ship chandling services draw from a well-established network of sought-after suppliers. This allows us to match your product specs exactly, and provide high-quality products at reasonable rates. Our trained personnel are accessible 24/7 and we strive at all times to deliver efficient, reliable service with the shortest turnaround time possible.

The Vessels We Supply

Link Ship Chandlers Saldanha provides shipping supply services to all types of vessels. These include container vessels and cruise liners. We also provide assistance to fishing vessels, cargo vessels and private yachts. Oil carriers, offshore oil rigs and LNG (Liquid Nitrogen Gas) vessels also regularly make use of our services.

The Supplies We Offer

Link offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and provisions. This includes food and beverage; chilled, frozen, fresh, dry and bonded items are all catered for. We also supply cabin provisions and deck equipment. Electrical tools and equipment, engine tools, cleaning products and lubricants can also be supplied. In addition, we can restock your office supplies, medical provisions (specialist and non-prescription), and safety gear. In the latter category, we provide personal-, lifeboat-, fire-, fall arrest-, crew protection gear & more. Provision has also been made to supply crew members with global SIM cards that may be used for communication in 171 countries, as well as waste removal services to clear your vessel of trash before you depart.

About Saldanha Port Services

Saldanha Bay in South Africa is a common user port. It was recently developed into a modern harbour when it became essential to the export iron ore trade. Today it boasts a deepwater jetty to accommodate ore carriers, as well as a 3.1km long causeway/breakwater, a sizable multipurpose quay for the handling of breakbulk cargo and a tanker berth with a permitted draught of 21.25m.

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