An Inside Look At Cruise Ship Hygiene

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The Ins-And-Outs Of Cruise Ship Hygiene

At Link Ship Chandlers we like to give our readers the answers to those burning ship-related questions. One of the questions that crop up frequently with regard to mega cruise liners is how they manage to keep their ships you know, sanitary, while they’re out to see with all those thousands of passengers on board. Surely they can’t just open a hatch and dump a whole lot of waste in the sea?

Happily, raw waste dumpage is a definite no. Cruise liners are kept clean in other ways. Here’s a look at some of the hygiene processes followed aboard these mega-ships:

Garbage Is Recycled On-Site

Cruise ships are fitted with on-site recycling plants that break down the trash generated throughout the course of a voyage. This includes glass crushers and hydraulics that press cardboard and aluminium into blocks. Non-recyclables are burned in incinerators, and certain vessels have facilities that pulp food waste into fish food that can then be tipped overboard.

The Pools Are Filled With Filtered Sea Water

Ever wonder how they keep all those many pools stocked with freshwater? They fill it with filtered ocean water! This is done in one of two ways – either via reverse-osmosis, in which membranes are used to filter out the salt; or by means of evaporation that is facilitated by the heat of the engine that boils off the unsalted water.

They have Aerobic Bacteria on Poop Duty

Let’s get down to brass tacks. There are a lot of people eating, drinking and having a good time on a cruise ship. Naturally, this also means they have to go to the loo. Such is the circle of life. So, what on earth happens to all the waste products? In short – the contents of the toilets are vacuum-sucked to marine sanitation farms, where the water is siphoned out and treated until it meets drinkability standards. This is then pumped back into the ocean. The rest of it is treated with aerobic bacteria in storage tanks and offload onshore about once every month.

There you have it – an inside look at how things are kept fresh as a daisy aboard a mega cruise ship while it’s out to sea. Did you find this interesting? Excellent! We’ll be serving up more of the good stuff right here on the blog in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to a member of the Link Ship Chandlers team if you would like more info about our maritime supply services at Cape Town, Saldanha, Port Elizabeth, Coega, Durban and Richards Bay.

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