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Supply Chain Transparency Discussed

p>During these challenging times, in particular, there is an increasing demand for supply chain transparency, resiliency and sustainability. Companies need to understand what that all means and where to invest so they can ensure their supply chain checks all the essential boxes.

With the environment, a primary focus in recent years, companies of all shapes and sizes are doing what they can to become greener. Many are trying to limit their environmental impact to help preserve the natural resources for future generations and this is where transparency in the supply chain comes in.

Why Is Supply Chain Transparency Important?

Part of supply chain transparency is sharing information about how a company operates or how they manufacture their products. With environmental concerns at the forefront, this often includes the following:

  • What is the organisation doing to reduce energy and water usage?
  • Have they invested in reusable storage materials?
  • Are they using recycled materials?
  • Do they have a safe, sustainable work environment for employees?

However important these sustainability efforts seem, they don’t mean much if consumers cannot access this information. At Link Ship Chandlers, supply chain transparency is key and starts by working with reputable, responsible and sustainable partners who encourage transparency throughout.

Tips For Establishing Supply Chain Transparency

A resilient and transparent supply chain can help companies respond and recover faster from potentially expensive disruptions while limiting damage. Supply chain transparency gives consumers peace of mind knowing that they are working with a fair trade enterprise who looks after their staff and end-users.

When working with subpar suppliers, an organisation can quickly develop a bad reputation for being unreliable, untrustworthy and unsustainable. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at how Link Ship Chandlers ensure a sustainable and transparent supply chain.

Choosing Only Transparent, Sustainable Suppliers

It’s quite simple, really; your company is only as good as the suppliers and partners you choose to work with. If your suppliers don’t follow fair trade and sustainability best practices, your business won’t be seen in that light either, even if you are doing everything right.

Link Ship Chandler has long been a highly regarded supplier of quality products and services. This success is largely due to continued sustainability efforts and the decision to only work with suppliers who share the same goals of delivering supply chain transparency to all consumers.

A transparent supply chain means sharing information about your suppliers with the general public which means they must share your commitment. Before choosing a supplier, Link Ship Chandler researches them thoroughly to find out how they source and deliver their products. If a supplier is unwilling to share information about their practices, they are likely not worth pursuing.

Traceability Of Ingredients and Materials

Working closely with suppliers you should be able to trace every material or ingredient whether it’s a manufacturing business or a food producer. This includes where and how the goods were sourced or harvested, the working conditions for staff and the environmental impact of the materials.

Like Link Ship Chandler, anyone working within the food industry should take the time to learn about the animals or fields where those ingredients come from. At the same time, you need to determine whether your supplier cares for the environment and does everything they can in terms of sustainability.

Another core ingredient to supply chain transparency is finding out if any materials are hazardous to the environment and whether you can recycle or reuse them. This extends to the resources required to transport and protect the materials throughout the entire supply chain.

Open Communication And Responsiveness

Transparency is typically associated with shareability and that involves open lines of communication between you and your business partners. Everyone involved should be ready to share information with one another and the public when necessary.

If someone raises a question regarding a source material or ingredient, your suppliers should be ready to respond in full transparency. Communication can take place through text messages, phone calls, emails or a digital supplier quality management system. Whatever you are communicating, remember to make time and answer any customer questions directly.

Sharing information about your company with consumers should not be a hassle or an inconvenience. Using the right software, you can collect data about your company, its products and staff so you can easily pass this on to any interested party. This includes members of the press, shareholders and customers.

In conclusion, supply chain transparency shows consumers that you have nothing to hide. Your customers deserve to know more about how products are made and where they come to they can make informed decisions.

Even if you are still finalising a few business goals, you can start sharing information about your products as this will help with gaining customer support and trust. Always look for suppliers that support your cause, believe in traceability, data collection and open lines of communication.

From safety gear, office and medical supplies to food and beverages, Link Ship Chandler can source and supply almost any Maritime Supplies. As it forms the spine of any successful business, supply chain transparency comes naturally. For more information about suppliers, products or services, simply contact the Link Ship Chandler team on our website.

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