Benefits Of GPS & IoT For The Freight Industry

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Tech Innovates The Freight Industry

At Link Ship Chandlers, we believe that the transport industry is one of the pillars of modern society. After all, everything from the food we eat and the beverages we drink, to the appliances we use and cosmetics we apply had to be transported from its point of origin to our corner shop. Without transport, we would also not be able to get to school and work to contribute to develop our skills and contribute to the economy.

This is why it is so exciting when technological developments contribute to innovation in the freight industry. In recent years, precision, efficiency and productivity along the entire transport chain have improved due to advances in GPS and IoT (internet of things) systems that are being used to streamline major operations. Here are a few of the major benefits the freight industry has enjoyed in this regard:

Operations Have Been Streamlined

Fleet management systems allow field managers to streamline operations with a number of innovative tools. This includes:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Geo-fence zones
  • Route planning
  • Event alerts

Efficiency & Profitability Has Increased

The profitability of transport businesses depends on the quality of service provided to its customers. Modern-day management systems allow us to keep our customers informed regarding the status and location of their delivery from the moment it leaves the warehouse until they sign on the dotted line to confirm receipt.

Operating Costs Have Been Reduced

Cost reduction depends on the collection of data – when you have the lay of the land, you know what to expect and you can plan and adjust expenditures accordingly. IoT devices can gather and store information on a whole fleet of freight vehicles, which can be analysed by sophisticated software solutions to keep costs as low as possible.

Overall Safety Has Improved

Drivers who speed, idle or brake harshly place other road users at risk and drive up operating costs to boot. Onboard GPS trackers enable managers to assess driving habits such as overall speed and idling, so it can be addressed immediately. Drivers can be warned about bad habits and rewarded for good habits, thereby improving overall safety for the entire enterprise.

Freight Bottlenecks Are Avoided

Busy roads and harbours, maintenance to docks and unexpected road works can all cause serious revenue losses if not dealt with correctly. Telematics data now allow field managers to plan efficient routes that save on fuel and reduce maintenance by keeping vehicle degradation to a minimum.

Isn’t technology amazing! For more exciting freight-related news and info from inside the Link Ship Chandlers camp and around the globe, keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months. We always have our ear to the ground and take pride in sharing the latest shipping and freight news as it becomes available.

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